This article shows you how to choose strong dissertation topics on the subject of domestic violence. It does this by expanding on the sociological problem and by way of suggesting a proactive approach to finding those topics. It is concluded with a suggestion on how the paper could look.

Domestic violence

The problem of domestic violence has been with American society for generations. Today, in spite of legislation designed to curb this scourge and strong law enforcement methods, domestic violence has continued to spiral rather than level off and decrease, statistically speaking. The problem is complex because there are numerous factors that affect all sectors of society that are the cause of this. Also, these factors are not always interrelated. Pertinently, poverty and lack of education (and the causes of these) have popularly been blamed. But the causes and incidences of domestic violence occur across all economic and cultural sectors.

Proactive and extensive research

Because the subject of domestic violence is widely prevalent and spoken about in different forums and media outlets, the perception is that selecting dissertation topics that stand out won’t be laborious. Granted, more than enough information from many outlets are available to suggest ideas and areas of research, but the purpose here is to create a persuasive document that may well invoke action by role players. Think, for instance, in terms of successful peer reviews where consensus is reached on the proposals being made. In order to come up with original topic, ideas begin by conducting extensive research in the most affected areas of society and use that as a base for expanding your composition of thesis ideas and new talking points.

Dissertation paper outline

Because the subject remains complex and your extensive research (should) consist of a detailed body of work, you will have more than enough data to put together a detailed paper. Prepare and create your essay outline conforming to required academic conventions. Only after you have completed a first draft is it a good idea to rework your topic idea if instinct tells you that this may be necessary.

This article has given you a brief tour on how you could choose your own thesis-writing topics on the causes and problems related to domestic violence. By now, it should also provide you with further insight and encouragement to the degree that you already have a few topics in mind.

When it comes to writing your cover page for your dissertation, you may be wondering why it is such a big deal. When you are writing any other paper, it likely is not such a big deal. However, when writing your dissertation, there is a lot of information on the cover page that is not covered in other types of papers. Here are some general tips to make sure that you don’t blow it before the board even opens your dissertation and starts reading it.

  • Determine your format
  • Your school will want your dissertation in a certain format. That is why you will need to make sure that you find out which format you will have to follow.

  • Find an example
  • You can get a general idea of what the cover page should look like from an example. It can show you where things need to be and what you should include. It will give you a general idea of what the final product should look like and make understanding the instructions easier. You can find some examples right online. Check out the dissertation database in the resource library. Most of them have a separate section just for dissertations.

  • Get a formatting guide
  • Even though a sample will help you figure out how to format your paper. It will be a good idea to get an actual formatting guide. It can let you know the actual spacing that you need. It will be hard to see what the margins should be by an example. That is where the guide will come in.

  • Get a template
  • You can also get a template. It will allow you to set up your paper properly. You will just need to replace the information that is usually in brackets with your information. The template will usually tell you what to change the information to. It is a very helpful resource. You can usually find a sample in the templates that your word processor offers or you can find some online. It will be a very useful resource if you choose one in your format. Make sure that it is formatted in the right edition of your formatting style.

You can find here the information that will help you handle the cover page of your dissertation. You can find samples, get formatting device, and have it done for you.