The first time a student attempts to write a dissertation, they’re often overwhelmed and concerned by how ill-prepared they feel. The fact of the matter is, many students are simply taken aback by the scope of the project, and they truly are prepared—they just need a little bit of coaching to help them see that their prior learning has prepared them to tackle a dissertation. These three stages will be a great help to anyone struggling with writing their dissertation.

  • Stage One: Preliminary Research
  • In this case, “preliminary” means before even committing to a subject let alone a thesis statement. Obviously, the bulk of the research will be completed after this point, but it’s vital for a student to know from the beginning that they will actually be able to complete their dissertation and adequately defend their thesis with the information currently available. Students can consider this step a preliminary literature review, and in fact, it can streamline their later literature review process, if they take care to make a list of viable sources during this stage. Too many students think that every intriguing idea will make a great thesis statement; they need to keep in mind that a great thesis statement is only “great” if it can actually be supported by the research.

  • Stage Two: Staying Organized
  • When students are passionate about a topic, they tend to research in a thousand different directions at once. While it’s completely normal to switch gears often during the research stage, it’s also important to remain focused so that one doesn’t end up with a lot of unrelated material which can’t be formed into a cohesive final paper. Students should, as soon as their main ideas begin to take form, begin filing their notes into categories which will become the eventual sections of the dissertation.

  • Stage Three: Outlining
  • Outlining is seen, quite unfairly, as a waste of time for many students. However, when writing a dissertation, outlining can actually be quite a time saver. Students should begin by outlining each section of the dissertation on its own, and should focus on the body of the paper; the introduction and conclusion are far more easily formatted after they have a finished body to reference. This will make for a better structured and more smoothly flowing dissertation, and will also save them rewriting time. Also, consider using a professional coursework writing service.

This article shows you how to choose strong dissertation topics on the subject of domestic violence. It does this by expanding on the sociological problem and by way of suggesting a proactive approach to finding those topics. It is concluded with a suggestion on how the paper could look.

Domestic violence

The problem of domestic violence has been with American society for generations. Today, in spite of legislation designed to curb this scourge and strong law enforcement methods, domestic violence has continued to spiral rather than level off and decrease, statistically speaking. The problem is complex because there are numerous factors that affect all sectors of society that are the cause of this. Also, these factors are not always interrelated. Pertinently, poverty and lack of education (and the causes of these) have popularly been blamed. But the causes and incidences of domestic violence occur across all economic and cultural sectors.

Proactive and extensive research

Because the subject of domestic violence is widely prevalent and spoken about in different forums and media outlets, the perception is that selecting dissertation topics that stand out won’t be laborious. Granted, more than enough information from many outlets are available to suggest ideas and areas of research, but the purpose here is to create a persuasive document that may well invoke action by role players. Think, for instance, in terms of successful peer reviews where consensus is reached on the proposals being made. In order to come up with original topic, ideas begin by conducting extensive research in the most affected areas of society and use that as a base for expanding your composition of thesis ideas and new talking points.

Dissertation paper outline

Because the subject remains complex and your extensive research (should) consist of a detailed body of work, you will have more than enough data to put together a detailed paper. Prepare and create your essay outline conforming to required academic conventions. Only after you have completed a first draft is it a good idea to rework your topic idea if instinct tells you that this may be necessary.

This article has given you a brief tour on how you could choose your own thesis-writing topics on the causes and problems related to domestic violence. By now, it should also provide you with further insight and encouragement to the degree that you already have a few topics in mind.

The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations is an initiative of an international institution to promote the creation, adoption, usage, and dissemination of “electronic” dissertations and theses. This is a huge step forward for academia. Students and scholars alike can benefit from this service in a number of ways. Whether you are looking for references, checking a citation, or researching your term paper, this service makes your life a thousand times easier.

To use the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Access: Although a part of the database is freely accessible to all, other parts of the database are open to the Virginia Tech students only. You are required to have a Hokier Passport or a library card to access it. There is no cause for distress as there are some sections that are open only to the Alumni
  2. Select Search Parameters with Care: Your search parameters should be specific enough to lead to the right articles, sources, or references. For example, a scholarly article is one that is written by an academic for his or her peers. The target audience is not the public. Scholarly articles are published by academic journals, which are peer-reviewed. Peer-review means that the articles are approved by a board of academics of the same field and then published.
  3. If you enter, “scholarly article” in your advanced search parameters, the engine will turn in only those articles marked as scholarly, saving you time and headache.
  4. Do not let yourself lose sight of your goal: The biggest pitfall of using this database is in the immense quantity of information and data it contains. It is a veritable garden of delights! There is always the chance of being sidetracked and ending up in a mess of wasted hours. Well, not exactly “wasted,” but still that time was meant for your research.
  5. Do NOT think about finding a backdoor into the “students only” or “alumni only’ areas: Unless you want to be banned from one of the best resources available for conducting research. This is ditto for systematic downloading and plagiarism. The library is made for your use and the purpose is to make the theses and dissertations available to a larger audience across borders and divides. You can always email the custodians of the city of knowledge to ask for special access if you absolutely need it.

If you have decided to seek online dissertation help, you have made a choice that many other people have made before you. As you look for that perfect company online, use our tips to help you get the best fit.

  • – The company matters-with the large accessibility of the Internet, a lot of companies have set up shop. Not all of these groups are reputable. Some are merely looking to take your money. Others want to give you an inferior product. As you search, look at how long the company has been in business, the charges for work, the references, and complaints filed against the group. Be a smart shopper. You can find an affordable and reliable company if you do your homework.
  • – Know your writer-while you may not know your writer’s name; you have every right to know the qualifications of your writer. The more reputable companies require their people to take a test and to have certain standards. Those standards are very high in most cases.
  • – Longevity-your company needs to have a long and established history on the web. It is just not safe to use a company that just began, one that changes its name a lot, and one that does not respond quickly to your requests or questions. Do yourself a favor and only look at groups that have an established history on the Internet.
  • – Custom matters-you must request a custom paper. If your dissertation has been sued before, you could be accused of plagiarism. That is not what you want to worry about when you are ready to argue your piece. This request for a custom paper must be in the contract. Run your paper through a plagiarism checker right after you take delivery it. If it is not custom, demand a refund immediately.
  • – Extra fees- as you get ready to sign the agreement, check for any clauses mentioning extra fees. And then ask if there will be supplemental charges. These charges, such as for editing or proofing, can add up quickly and double the final price. You have to carefully read all lines of the agreement for your paper.

Use our advice as you look for just the perfect writing online group to compose your dissertation. Following our advice will save you a lot of trouble in the future and will make your job easier.

Students often write dissertation assignments for their college and university to qualify for a higher grade. This is important for helping them qualify for their final degree and polishing their skills. If you are to create a strong impression on the official committee members at your university, then you must be able to pull off a strong dissertation and prepare for it.

You do not only have to write this project but are also supposed to present it to your audience. The presentation is tough because students have to show their ideas and work to the highly qualified professors. They have to be confident and show the significance of their work in their presentation. If you are to present your dissertation to the official committee members then you should keep the following instructions in your mind

The officials want you to pass

Students are often afraid of the official committee members and start stammering even when they have a good hold of the subject. It is important to remember that these members are not there to fail you but they want you to pass and qualify for the advanced level degree. You have shown them your paper in progress and they approve of your ideas. Do not get afraid or confused by their presence rather focus on your presentation

Stay confident

Never get anxious or worried rather stay comfortable and confident. You have done this paper on your own and you know each and every bit about it. Prepare a good introduction, use graphs, images and good strategies to keep their focus on the screen


Try practicing in front of a mirror or rehearse the presentation in front of your friends. This will make you confident and help you practice your assignment

Do not contradict yourself

Never talk about anything that will contradict your research and get you in trouble, write down all the points and practice them before the final defense

Look presentable

When you look good, you feel good. It is an important day in your career and you should be well dressed for it

Get comfortable with the environment

Get familiar with the stage and the environment and practice your presentation there before the final day.