Sociology Dissertation Topics

Sociology Dissertation Topics

The process of the dissertation is based on the research. The better you are at research, the better your dissertation would turn out to be. Therefore, you should work hard while researching the topic that you have selected for the dissertation. The process of selecting a topic is crucial to the overall process of writing a dissertation.  

You should never select a topic just because it is something that is being discussed around the world. You should always select a topic about which you have some prior knowledge. If you are going to select something new, keep in mind that it would require more research from your side. Some of the topics related to sociology are being discussed below.

Topics based on cultural sociology

It is the most common discipline of sociology. It deals with society’s analysis on the macro and micro levels. It also deals with the ideas and theories of various sociologists such as Weber, Durkheim, and Marx. Some of the topics related to the cultural sociology are mentioned below

  1. Analyze Marx’s Conflict Theory and its application in the UK’s society.
  2. Over the years, how have the trends changed in the UK’s high culture?
  3. What are the cultural lags in a UK society? Discuss some of those cultural lag
  4. Has popular culture changed in the UK over the decades?
  5. Explain Weber’s theory of rationalism regarding its application in the UK’s social structure.

Topics based on the sociology of education

This branch of sociology deals with the education system of the society and the social elements that affect them. Some of the topics that are related to this branch of sociology are mentioned below

  1. How has the education and the sociology of its policy changed after the end of the second world war?
  2. How do public schools provide social guidance and counselling to their students? Explain.
  3. Does the motivation level of the teacher have any impact on the class’s performance in public schools?
  4. Analyze Marx’s Conflict Theory in education.
  5. Why do children fail at school? Is it due to their problems or public issues? 

Topics based on the sociology of religion

The sociology of the religion envelopes various issues. It deals with the impact that religion has on various issues and vice versa. It explores the study of different beliefs, structures of religions in the society, values etc. Some of the topics that cover this branch of sociology are mentioned below.

  1. Provide a comparison of cross-religious beliefs.
  2. Does a common ground exist in the United Kingdom intending to create an inter-faith harmony?
  3. Has the print and electronic media helped to create awareness about different religions? 
  4. What is the difference between the public and private sphere, and should they be separate from each other?
  5. Has religion impacted the marriages in the United Kingdom?


Therefore, the students should go through the topics that we have discussed above, and select the topic they can relate to, and have an idea about. The students must carry out as much research as possible while working on the dissertation. Only then it will be possible for them to create a great dissertation. 

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