How To Successfully Complete A Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is one of the most pleasing ways to contribute knowledge to your field of study. It is a way to add on to an existing hypothesis or challenge it. Therefore, it is every student’s dream to make the best out of the opportunity.

At this stage of your academic journey, you should know the basics of writing a dissertation. You can research, take and save important notes, and compose sentences that make sense. That notwithstanding, writing a dissertation can always be a challenge.

In this piece, you will be abreast of home to get your dissertation done successfully. This wouldn’t be the typical advice you already know about. We will take you a little deeper and be more practical. Before we go on, please be advised that every university or field of study has a particular referencing method. It would help if you always abide by your institution’s adopted system. Now let’s go through some practical advice for a successful dissertation.

Compare it to a marathon

If you are writing a dissertation for the first time, consider it as running a marathon. It would be the most prolonged writing you have ever done. When running a marathon, you don’t overwork yourself; you don’t change the winning method; you don’t try out new gadgets or shoes on a running day. The same applies to writing a dissertation. You should maintain whatever process you’ve been using that made you successful. For example, if you’ve been using MS Word for writing and you are very cognizant of it, don’t go around trying other programs because someone told you they were great.

Stay committed but relax

It would be best if you were prepared physically and mentally to remain productive when writing your dissertation. Yes, it is a crucial aspect of your academic career. However, you need to take care of your health. Eat well, exercise, clean up, and avoid bad habits, for the brain to work well. A short mental exercise to get the mind ready could be the game-changer when writing a dissertation.

Take it as a form of work

Just as you put much effort and dedication into doing a paid job, give that same attention to your dissertation. Every worker wants to excel at work, be promoted, have their salaries increased, so they put much effort into whatever they do. Working a 5 to 8 job isn’t easy, but people get it done. With this, they create a conducive atmosphere for themselves, even if the working atmosphere isn’t such. If you can put the same effort into writing your dissertation, then success is inevitable.

Consider it as playing a game

Of course, writing a dissertation is a serious business, but take it easy on yourself. Pushing yourself too much can break you down, cause mental and physical stress, anxiety, and depressing, among others. Playing a game is both exciting and, at the same time, a serious adventure. You don’t want to lose the game; hence, you remain vigilant, dedicated, and work hard to overcome all hurdles and obstacles in your way through the excitement. The kind of obsession you attach to playing a game can be replicated in doing your dissertation.

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